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Amateur Radio



Updates In Progress - Feb. 2014

Items of Special Interest to Ham Radio Operators

Satellites & Space Missions

Local Nets

Screwdriver Antenna Improvements

Add a matching stub to your mobile screwdriver antenna and improve your tuning across all bands. Screwdriver Antenna Improvements

Photos from the Colorado 14er Event - August 27, 2000

The IAAS HF Radio Team atop Pike's Peak - KBØUAA

Pike's Peak HF Team

Colorado 14er HF Log

KB0UAA - Boy Scout Expo Log - 24 April, 1999

Photos from the Colorado 14er Event - August 1998

The IAAS Radio Team atop Mt. Evans - KBØUAA

IAAS Radio Team



KIØAR   # 3592

The OM International Sideband Society Net meets on various HF frequencies throughout each day. Visit their web site for current frequencies, dates, and times at http://www.omiss.net
I am currently trying to complete my WAS on 20 Meters. I still need the following states: Contact me via email and we'll set up a schedule. If you need Colorado on the other bands, I'll certainly try to help.
Ham University

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