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Acknowledgments and References

This page is dedicated to all those who have assisted me in getting my web pages up and running.

  I initially published these web pages through AT&T's Worldnet Services. I now publish through TotalChoice Hosting). I had seen some web page creators but I wanted to learn the HTML code myself and understand just what I was doing. I finally found a marvelous tutorial at the site for The Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI), unfortunately, this site is no longer operating. I used the Writing HTML tutorial from the MCLI site.

  I found this tutorial to be an excellent study guide to getting started writing html code for designing web pages. However, this tutorial no longer exists. You may do a Google search for HTML tutorials and work with any one that appeals to you.

  Whatever you choose, take the time to learn all nuances of html writing and build yourself a much better web site. One key thing to have though, before you get started, is an idea of what you want to publish on your own web site. This in itself will greatly help you learn HTML much more quickly. There are many other excellent tutorials out there, plus tons of books too, but I found the one at MCLI the one motivated me to get started. That says a lot.

Thanks to the IAAS, NØVSE, KIØDZ, and KBØYTF for putting links to my page on their sites. I have also found links to my pages on other sites and I would like to thank them a well. if you wish to include a link to any of my pages, please feel free to do so. All i ask is that you send me an email to let me know that you have included the link on your page and provide a link to your site as well.
Thank you!

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